How about going in the dishwasher to do away with the daily chore? No matter the size of your kitchen, there is a suitable dishwasher for every space. Compact dishwasher to place on a worktop, 45 cm wide dishwasher to fit into a smaller space or even built-in dishwasher to hide behind a cabinet door ... Forget this housework and win time for you thanks to a dishwasher!

KLARSTEIN Aquatica mini table-top dishwasher
In Stok
KLARSTEIN Aquatica - Mini table-top dishwasher, CEE A, 125 kWh / year, 2 place settings, independent, without installation, 360 ° washing, 3 programs, touch control, water consumption: 5 liters - green  [Energy class A ]
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Klarstein Lagoona freestanding mini dishwasher
In Stok
Klarstein Lagoona Mini freestanding dishwasher: CEE A +, 1380W, 6 place settings, water consumption: 6.5L, 7 programs plus additional drying, 49 dB, black, white touch control panel  [Energy class A +]
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