The refrigerator is a staple in the kitchen. Indispensable for storing fresh food, choose the fridge that best meets your needs. The American fridge is stylish and offers a large storage capacity, the combined fridge is very practical with its freezer compartment and the built-in fridge is perfect for keeping your kitchen in harmony ... Bosch, Whirlpool or Samsung fridge? Make your choice !

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The strong points :
Volume 273 L - Dimensions HxWxD: 175.7x55x58 cm - A +
205 L static refrigerator
68 L static freezer
Small footprint
2 years warranty
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CHiQ bottom freezer refrigerator FBM260L 260L (187 + 73), low frost, stainless steel, reversible doors, A ++, 38 db
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Item dimensions L x W x H
54 x 55 x 176 cm
260 Liters

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Electronic control: manage the desired temperature directly on the device and monitor it live.
Dynamic cooling system in order to keep a stable temperature, avoid frost and thus preserve the most sensitive foods as well as possible.
Its low energy consumption is 250 kWh per year, earning it an A ++ rating.
Storage capacity of 187 liters for the refrigerator and 73 liters for the freezer. A total useful volume of 260 liters.
Compressor guaranteed for 12 years

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BOSCH KGF56PIDP Combined refrigerator - 480 L (375 L + 105 L) - NoFrost MultiAirflow - A +++
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The XXL combined refrigerator with VitaFresh Pro and extra-large capacity: keeps your food fresh and rich in vitamins much longer.
XXL size: offers a very large space for your food.
NoFrost: no longer defrost, thanks to the protection against ice formation, which saves time and energy.
MultiAirflow technology: temperature fluctuations are minimized and cooling times reduced.
Intelligent Inverter technology: the compressor adapts its power to the use of the refrigerator.
Anti Fingerprint: front with anti-fingerprint coating.
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